Could Love Shape Our Future?

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Could Love Shape Our Future? Pascale Gibon Blog Article

The content of this article is meditative in nature and I believe it will make a huge difference in the quality of your life and increase your happiness.

There is a simple question I would like you to reflect upon which is: Could love shape our future?

If you were to create a world where love was more present what would this world look like, how would you feel and what would you see?

I believe that when we intensify the energy of love in all aspects of our lives we create a better world.

If you want to join me and to intensify the energy of love, I invite you to focus on the 3Cs from today onwards.

The first C is connection: connecting binds us all together as if we were one. A world based on loving connections is one where we connect handsomely with others, we see their light and their greatness. Visualize yourself connecting lovingly with others as if we were one.

The second C is collaboration: a world based on loving collaboration is one where the outcome is win/win not win/lose or lose/lose. Just imagine how we would improve our relationships, our health and business for example if we were to create a world based on loving collaboration.

The third C is centredness: a world where all of us would be centred on love would be a world of miracles.

Just for today be centred on love, feel love, invite love into your consciousness (literally just say: "I invite love into my consciousness"). Just Take a few deep breaths in and out, and invite love into your consciousness and then radiate love out to the people who come to your mind, then to the entire planet.

Create a world today and every day centred on love in order to create a better world and a world of love.

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